Our History

In December 2016 Julian and Julia founded the Netzwerk Kriminologie Berlin  to promote an interdisciplinary exchange between young scientists in their field. In 2017, Julian spent six months in New York City, where he worked as a volunteer for the grassroots organization CCFY  in projects to support young people involved with the criminal justice system. The civil society involvement and the sustainable support that was provided for those affected by the justice system inspired him deeply and so he returned to Berlin with the idea of building something similar in Germany. His colleagues Anna Kroupa and Julia Wegner also recognized the need for innovative, evidence-based education, counselling and rehabilitation projects inside and outside of prisons in Germany and so, they founded the independent non-profit association Tatort Zukunft e.V. in May 2018.

You can find our statutes here.

Julian Knop


Julian holds a doctorate in criminology from the Department of Law at Freie Universität Berlin. In his research, he examines the spread and impact of overnight or prolonged family visiting in the German juvenile justice system. He is a visiting lecturer at the School of Economics and Law, the Free University of Berlin and the Berlin-Brandenburg Juvenile Detention Centre. He gained experience as a volunteer at the grassroots organization Community Connections for Youth in New York City and the Berlin Juvenile Correctional Facility.

Julia Wegner

Deputy Chairwoman

Julia holds a degree in law, is a research assistant and doctoral candidate under Prof. Dr. Drenkhahn at the Department of Law at the Free University of Berlin. She is a lecturer at the Department of Police and Security Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and a former member of the youth welfare service in criminal proceedings. Together with Julian she founded the Netzwerk Kriminologie Berlin in December 2016.

Anna Kroupa


Anna holds a degree in law and is an employee of the Helmut Ziegner Foundation. She works as an external staff member at the juvenile detention centre in Berlin and is a voluntary prison assistant at Tegel Prison. Previously, she worked as a research assistant in the field of pedagogy/education development research in the DaQuas project at the Free University of Berlin.

Peter Mercer

Project Development

Peter holds an M.A. in Modern European History from the Humboldt University of Berlin. His research focused on economic policy issues and sociological questions of social inequality. In his political work and as a research assistant at the University he gained experience in the areas of fundraising, campaign strategy and project development. At Tatort Zukunft he develops the association's programmatic orientation and external presentation.

Anja Loft-Akhoondi

Project Development

Anja is a communications manager and is pursuing her doctorate at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Her research focuses on the implementation of inclusive education concepts in the German education system. She is an external staff member for the German Institute for Human Rights and works for Tatort Zukunft on strengthening human rights education in the German prison system.

Riley Doyle Evans

Policy and Advocacy

Riley holds an LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the European University Viadrina. In his research and professional career, he has focused on the conditions and consequences of solitary confinement. In New York City, he worked as Head of Jail Services and Advocacy at Brooklyn Defender Services and as Senior Litigation Assistant at the non-profit Prison Law Office in California.

Lisa-Manju Speck

Scientific Evaluation

Lisa holds an M.Sc. in psychology with a specialization in community psychology. In addition to her work as a clinical neuropsychologist at the Protestant Johannesstift Berlin, she supports Tatort Zukunft to maintain scientific standards in the design and evaluation of programs.

Judith Höllmann

Volunteer Coordination

Judith has a German-French double Masters degree in sociology and cultural studies. During her studies in Lyon, she focused in particular on the sociology of crime. She supports Tatort Zukunft with volunteer coordination, drawing on her experience from working with other volunteer associations in Germany and France.

Marie Langner

Voluntary Support

Marie studies law at the Free University of Berlin. She completed her specialization in juvenile criminal law, prison law and criminology. She participated at the project "University in Prison" twice. She supports Tatort Zukunft as a volunteer.

Torsten "Hamza"

Credible Messenger

Hamza supports Tatort Zukunft in its mission to promote a fair, humane and effective response to crime. He was imprisoned in Berlin prisons for a total of more than seven years and, as a person directly affected, he can credibly convey to the association what helped him, what would have helped him and what challenges and conflicts he had to overcome. Through his expertise and experience, he contributes to finding sustainable solutions for relevant problems inside and outside the prison.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Our team includes Prof. Dr. Kirstin Drenkhahn and Prof. Dr. Heinz Cornel, two renowned criminologists who advise our association as scientific advisors.

Prof. Dr. Kirstin Drenkhahn, Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Heinz Cornel, Scientific Advisory Board