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Transparency principles of Berlin third sector organizations

With the following transparency principles, Berlin’s third sector organizations aim to improve the conditions for the active participation of Berlin’s citizens in shaping urban life. Transparency is the basis for trust in the work of non-profit organizations, associations and foundations. Organizations and individuals that receive private or public funds in trust to work for the common good have a special obligation to provide information, to communicate openly, and to establish internal democratic structures.

In this spirit, the undersigned organizations declare their willingness to base their work on the following 10 principles:

1. Social Responsibility

We acknowledge our responsibility for our social actions. We commit ourselves to align our actions in relation to partners and stakeholders with democratic and partnership principles and to provide information about them at all times.

2. Values and Visions

We make our mission statement and the values underlying our activities available in a comprehensible, clear and easily accessible form.

3. Motives and Object of Work

We make available to the public the motives of our work as well as the essential content-related and economic information about our organization and report comprehensively on our fields of activity.

4. Structures

We provide information about the opportunities for participation and collaboration in our organization and make our decision-making structures and hierarchies transparent.

5. Methods of Work

We provide information about the methods used in our work and enable a transfer of knowledge about methods that have been successfully tested in practice.

6. Quality of Work

We regularly evaluate the quality of our work. We disclose the evaluation standards and the results, as well as the number and training levels of our full-time and volunteer staff.

7. Economic Action

We establish guiding principles for our economic actions that take into account the standards of responsible corporate governance. We provide information about these principles and their implementation at all times.

8. Acquisition of Resources

We regularly provide information in a generally understandable form about how and which resources were obtained for our organization and from which sources they originate.

9. Use of Resources

We use our resources responsibly and for the benefit of the general public. We regularly report on this in a generally comprehensible form and present in a comprehensible way how resources are managed and used.

10. Visual Communication

As far as the principles of our work allow, we publicly present the places, the equipment and the forms of our work in pictures or film, taking into account data protection. In the selection and design of the media used, we take care that they reflect our work and its environment in a meaningful and truthful way.