Our values

Diversity and pluralism

Our society is diverse. People, their biographies and their opinions are diverse. We see this not as a flaw to be fought against, but as a strength. We therefore resolutely oppose any racial, gender, social and political discrimination. Human rights, and human dignity in particular, form the indisputable foundation of our work.

Scientific and independent

Science challenges us to question and justify our thoughts and actions. It teaches criticism and the power of the better argument. If a solution to a problem turns out to be ineffective, it must be changed or started from scratch. Opposing convictions are not a hurdle, but the motor of scientific work. The critical view must not stop at itself. Therefore, we are undogmatic, non-partisan and always ready to review our positions.

Progress through social innovation

We believe that positive changes in our world are necessary and possible. A society that does not believe we can create a better and more just future inspires no one and instead fosters fear and mistrust. We are interested in unconventional ideas and are convinced of the transformative potential of every individual.

Dialogue instead of violence

We believe in the power of words and conversation. We welcome diverse perspectives and are willing to confront difficult questions and conflicting opinions. We value the perspectives and experiences of directly affected people and want to learn from them. Through listening, discussion and shared reflection, we create the basis for a society worth living in. Trust and respect come from dealing with each other in a trusting and respectful manner.

Cooperation and transparency

We invite all people to join us and actively seek cooperation with established actors who share our values and goals. We know that we are most effective when we work together, not against each other. We are transparent in our work and communicate the results in a clear and concise way.