Creative writing

Project description

Since autumn 2018, Tatort Zukunft has developed and conducted two creative writing courses at the JVA for women Berlin with lecturers from the JFK Institute at the Free University of Berlin. The participants were trained to express their feelings and thoughts freely and directly. The workshops were designed to encourage independent creative writing, to enable a mutual and creative exchange and of course to be fun. Our goal was to develop a personal approach to written language together with the participants, which can ultimately help them to write CVs, letters and cover letters with confidence in the future.

Project team

Gesche Loft

Project coordinator and lecturer

PhD student at the North America Institute of the Free University of Berlin, author and translator

Jenna Krumminga


Doctoral student at the North American Institute of the Free University of Berlin, author and translator. Together with her colleague Gesche Loft, she conducted the 2nd workshop on creative writing at the JVA für Frauen Berlin.

Anna Marjin Koppen


Dutch lecturer

Lukas Schmölders


Scriptwriter and lecturer at the creative writing workshop at the JVA for Women Berlin.

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